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Name:Ciaran Euan Fitzpatrick
Birthdate:Oct 1
Location:New York, United States of America
Website:Dream Like New York

Ciaran Euan Fitzpatrick

Ciaran Euan Fitzpatrick (nee O'Sullivan) was born in Dublin, Ireland to sixteen year old single mother, Cara O'Sullivan. Ciaran was brought into the world from dark times, his conception during a drugged up haze between his mother and father one day in the back alley of a pub. Cara literally had sex with Ciaran's father for a single hit of meth and her life didn't get much better from then. From the minute she heard she was pregnant she tried desperately to get clean for the sake of the baby, but it was the fight of a losing battle. She stayed clean for the duration of the pregnancy, but post-natal depression had her turning back to the hard drugs before he was even three months old. It led to Ciaran being in and out of the care of his maternal grandparents most of his life as she was on and off the wagon with monotonous consistency since his birth. They finally gained full custody of him when Cara was arrested for drug possession and dealing when Ciaran was seven years old and he lived with them until he stole money from his grandparents and ran away, getting on a train to London with nothing but a book, a coat and a juicebox in his little bag to find his dad.

Ciaran had learnt that his father was Euan Fitzpatrick just before his mother's arrest, when she gave him a photograph of the elusive, tattooed Irishman one night when she was sober and feeling particularly nostalgic. Ciaran kept the photo, always ensuring it was in a safe place ever since that night, and regularly wished that one day his dad would come and take him away to a place where dads played footy with their kids and mums helped them with their homework. It never happened, but Ciaran still kept the photo and never gave up hope of one day finding his dad on his own. His grandparents refused to tell him anything about the man in the photo and always got angry at him when he tried to ask, blaming him for everything that happened to Ciaran's mother, that he was a tainted child born of a sin. All Ciaran knew was that his middle name was his dad's name and it was only after Googling the name in the school library one day that Ciaran finally got some information to track his dad down in London from a high profile murder case of a court judge that Euan had solved, where he was after living at the time.

Just days after his tenth birthday, with the money he stole shoved in his backpack, Ciaran bought a train ticket to London and ran away from his grandparents home. All he wanted to do was find his dad, not matter what it took.

Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.
- Pablo Picasso

Euan's life was flipped upside down and it was a complete mindfuck for him to learn he had ended up a father from a stupid drug-hazed mistake when he was a teenager. It didn't help that Ciaran fell sick not long after arriving in London and it resulted in a diagnosis of a condition called Addison's Disease, that again put a massive spanner in Euan's works. He was about the least paternal bloke to ever exist but on hearing the horrible ordeals his son had gone through since birth, it triggered some natural fatherly instinct in Euan and he suddenly wanted nothing more than to be a good father to his son. It wasn't an easy route for either of them, but once the connection was forged and with Euan forced to take care of the boy, their relationship blossomed and whilst he used to live to work, Ciaran suddenly became the most important part of Euan's life.

London didn't work out, though. It became evident Euan missed the rough edges of New York and his brother along with his wife offered Euan as much support as he needed with Ciaran. He cut the ties he had made in London including a relationship he had delved into there that didn't work out because commitment really wasn't his thing, and took his son to move back to New York. With Ciaran now 11, single fatherhood isn't easy but they cope. Ciaran finally got the dad he always wanted and Euan... does the best he can. He's no Saint by any means. He still swears too much, sleeps around, drinks too much, but he's proud to be a father and a cop, and beyond that, he couldn't give a fuck about anything else.

Ciaran is a very quiet and unassuming kid. He's small for his age, due to the drug and alcohol use of his mother in her early pregnancy. He inherited a love of art from the grandmother he never knew, Euan's mother. He coped with the all the roughness of his upbringing by hiding in his art, and it's still a coping mechanism he uses today when stress compounds on him, even if his dad does everything he can to prevent it. He's struggling in school from being bullied, and Euan is considering having him homeschooled because stress exacerbates his illness. He adores his dad, sticks to him like glue, and still can't believe he actually found him.

Ciaran Euan Fitzpatrick is an original character for musebox/psl, [community profile] dreamlikenewyork, and created by the writer of, [personal profile] lovesguinness, who gives full permission for this muse. PB is MattyB. No infringement intended.

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